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Alexander Stahel 39:56 So I would argue in France and given we are free thinkers. We have our hedge fund, you know, we are not, we don't have to report to any politicians, I will say that the French have a, you know, behind the scenes a cultural problem about the nuclear industry, where, you know, when when, when I was young, I was born in 1970, we would go and visit nuclear plants in Switzerland, we are full, we will go and see them. We were proud about this technology that I remember, well, in the 70s, in the 80s, early 80s, the movies there, it was a lot about this, you know, this spirit about we can do it, you know, the French used to say, we don't have resources, but we have ideas. And so they champion this new idea, and to make something so to speak out of nothing, right? It produced a lot of electricity. And then we had this nuclear renaissance where we created nukes on average in six years in Europe. 90 Somehow, though, changed, where sovereignly. They call it the confidence level about, you know, the risk was was over portrayed about these nukes. And fair enough, I mean, even a nuclear plant is 40 years old. One could say, by the way, why don't we use a new car instead of an old car, argue and I don't drive a car from the 70s. Right. But the problem is, there came the NIMBY problem not in my backyard, everyone wants that kind of, you know what we like this technology, but can we have it? Elsewhere? Right? No, exactly here. And that came down OB Yeah. And that had a big impact on Europe and the European psychology, because for the first time, we understood that was, by the way, a generation one plant very, very poor housing, it was really, I mean, it was about as bad as it gets. Right. And that was by domain of manmade accident. And then it was hidden and and so it spiraled out of control. And why we don't know how many people died in in cleaning it all up. We know it was a huge thing. Right. And, and, and we could measure it in Switzerland on on our vegetables. Right? Right. We weren't allowed, I didn't have been invited. We weren't allowed to eat vegetable that year in Switzerland. Now,

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Alexander Stahel 1:06:11 No, no, look at it, I populated it, because I used it as a research tool, because I it was my way to connect to x. So what we do is really we do deep research, when we invest in something, we usually go in big. And so we want to know everything about it. And because we do commodities, we want to let's say know everything about an oil deposit, reservoir, or we want to know everything about the minerals, deposits, and so on and so forth. And so we connect to a lot of experts on Twitter to help us to work in PayPal will do working in Latin America somewhere or in Africa or in places like Canada. And so And for that it, we started it and we were able to give and take in a very prosperous way. And it really extended or I would say it became a core research tool other than Bloomberg and all that and all the other data that we collect from professional data providers. But and then where it actually I felt I look over time, I felt like so many people have so little understanding about energy and everything around it. That effect, it's a bit my duty to inform. And so I do these long threads from time to time to really explain, because I read so so so many strong opinions with so little data that I think it may be time for me to help a little bit what's going on, right? And, again, our agenda is do we mind renewables? No, that's fantastic. But I look at it from an electricity perspective of qualified, I'm an electrical engineer, I'm not an electrical engineer, but we look at it as if we are electrical engineers and say, Look, this is how the gig works. And this is what needs what the grid needs in order to stay stable and to provide the electricity minute by minute that we need. And so we share it because we have good look, we are what I would call a big data company, we really go about the things in detail. And we don't talk about things that we don't have fully covered in data. And so from time to time we share and then by the way, sharing also means that we get criticism, and then we can learn sometimes we get it wrong. And then if someone has an educated feedback, that makes us better, too. So I like that competition out there, too. And sometimes it's obviously a bit annoying, because then people just, you know, I'm finally on Tinder and you try to zoom that up. 350c69d7ab


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