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Fan Translation:The historical Vincent Van Gogh was born to the family of a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church in 1853.After working as an art dealer and clerk at a bookstore among others, and having his hopes of becoming an evangelist meet several setbacks, he set his aims on becoming a painter. After studying the Hague School, he was influenced by Impressionism and acquired his own unique style of painting.After moving to Arles in France, he worked on a number of masterpieces such as the "Sunflowers", but due to his relationship deteriorating with Gaugin who lived with him, his mind became ailed and an incident where he cut his own ear off occurred.Afterwards, while suffering from fits of psychosis, he spent all of his time painting, and, in 1890, at the young age of 37, he ended his own life. It is said that there incomprehensible parts to his death.He preferred using the color of yellow and sunflowers as motifs that symbolize sunshine. He also liked collecting ukiyo-e paintings and even incorporated them into the designs of some of his works.In his final years, he was taken with cypress trees, but another theory suggests that they were the subjects symbolizing his view on life and death.

Phantasm Cs 25 Serial Number


He is a deranged serial killer convinced that life is meaningless, and that by killing his victims, he is in fact saving them from their meaningless existence. He tracks his number of kills by carving a tally mark into his flesh for each one, saving a special spot for Batman.


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