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Buy Rag And Bone Boots

Normally, this is the category I judge most harshly, but despite the 3.5 inch heel, this boot still deserves a five-star rating. I was able to wear these boots to and from work, as well as out and about after work, and it felt as if I was wearing slippers. Seriously, slippers. Walking was a pleasure, and compared to my last Testimonial, they were a total dream.

buy rag and bone boots

These boots are a celebrity and consumer favorite, and its their simplicity, craftsmanship and comfort that have made them popular for seasons on end. Just like a classic pair of pumps is timeless, the Harrow is a solid addition to your wardrobe that you can expect to enjoy for years to come.

These boots are gorgeous! I just bought a pair in black leather and went up a half size, but the boots slip from the back when I walk. I am contemplating going down a size, but am afraid it will be too tight. Has anyone found the leather boots (not the suede ones) to stretch over time? Thanks!

At $475, the Walker Boots are not cheap. But, they are the most-worn pair of boots in my wardrobe. They balance casual cool with easy sophistication, they're comfortable enough to walk in for hours, and they're gorgeous to look at. Need I say more?

I actually have a good amount of black boots in my closet. As we speak, I'm donning a great pair of black leather combat boots that I also love. But, my Walker Boots are definitely the most-worn boots in my shoe collection, and if I had to choose just one pair, they would be the only black booties I keep.

It all starts with the shape of the boot. This pair has upped the ante on the classic Chelsea boot silhouette. Sleek stitching down the front adds some intrigue to the otherwise simple style. Elastic siding and a leather tab on the back makes the boots easy to slip on. The stacked wooden heel is just over two inches, so it's easy to stand and walk in these boots for hours.

The style is sleek and sophisticated enough to wear with a dress and tights for a more formal occasion, but the boots work just as well with ripped jeans and a white T-shirt for Sunday brunch and errands. I also found them to be true-to-size.

Beyond the wear-with-everything style and serious comfort, these boots are made with quality materials and it shows. The supple lambskin leather is some of the softest you'll ever slip on your feet. While this looks really nice, it's important to note that the material isn't as durable as a rougher leather, so you'll want to be gentle with these shoes. That's not to say you have to walk on eggshells while wearing them, but be conscious and maybe spray on a leather protectant.

The delicate leather on my shoes started to peel just about a few months after I purchased them. Luckily, these Rag & Bone boots were covered by a warranty. All I had to do was go into the store and my repair was totally free. I appreciate the fact that the brand will cover certain issues since accidents can and do happen. But, depending on the issue, the cause, and when you bought the shoes, the details of the warranty may differ. 041b061a72


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