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Summer With Mia

Now that we're in the thick of the summer, there are more and more outdoor activities. After years of trying this or that product I've come with a list of great products that won't melt while your in the sun! I've also chosen products that are not only good for the heat but a little goes a long way so they should last you in to the winter months as well.

summer with mia

Let's start the canvas off with your foundation. I skip it! Yes, there are great tinted moisturizers that work great in lieu of a heavy foundation. For instance my favorite is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF20. Not only is it build-able coverage but it's got some sunblock. She's got two sizes of this great product, and it lasts and lasts. All you need is a 2-3 dots depending on your desired coverage. The coverage is great and you feel no product residue on your face. Really!On low key weekends I put some of this on with a coat of mascara and I'm good to go.

Concealers up next! If I'm going out, I like to add a little under eye concealer to cover any circles or baggage I might be carrying ;) Nars Creamy Concealer has an amazing creamy lightweight formula that just melts in to your skin. This product covers dark circles and red spots. A little tip I learned is to put some concealer along the bridge of your nose and above your lip to add a glow to your face. Don't forget to blend out!Got a bigger blemish? A thicker, not budging, covers tattoo concealer- I'd have to go with Kat Von D's Lock-It Tattoo Concealer. The smallest amount of product is all you need and your good for the entire day.

Eyes, eyes, eyes! I'd recommend going for a tinted base like Macs Paint Pots. These suckers have a lightweight feel and last all day. Shades range from skin tone to darker tones for a smokey eye. I like the shade Painterly, looks like my skin but a bit brighter. Next step, a nice gel eyeliner will stay in place without moving to the middle of your eyelid or all under your eye. I like Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon, he's got the blackest of blacks among a bunch of other fun colors.Mascara, any waterproof one will work. It all depends on your preferences, such as do you like more length, volume, curl. My choice is Maybelline Great Lash, Waterproof version with the curled brush. It gives me the look of full curled lashes.

LipsI'd go for a lip gloss or a light lipstick. If you've seen "Mia Week" on Facebook you know I'm a lip balm junkie. Same goes for lipstick, I love all lip products. So I'm going to narrow it down to the 2 I'm currently rocking. MAC has a sheen supreme version, it's has the moisture of a lipbalm with great colors. Clinique has the Moisturizing Lip Colour Chubby Stick, which again is like a lip balm. I tend to go for shades that are my lips but better shades. MAC's Impressive and Viva Glam 2 are great. And Clinique's Heaping Hazelnut is a lovely shade. If I'm going out big I'll go for a deeper shade, like a red or purple. Here's a dental tip for you - a blue based pink or blue based red shade helps your teeth look whiter.

Talk to Grace at the parlour and Mia will explain she is looking to get a tattoo done. Grace will say it's $400 for one that size with colour but Mia only has $200. Offer to pony up the rest of the money to keep moving the quest forward.

Go to her house and sneak upstairs and you'll notice noises coming from the room with the locked door. Go inside the room with the cross and click on the statue to get the key before heading back into the hall. Choose the locked room and then select Mia to set her free.

Sleep and go to school the next day to check on Mia, then sleep again until and you'll find Harold out the front of Mia's house with his things in a box. He explains he's been kicked out before you go inside to see Mia.

Mia asks you to talk to her mum so go upstairs to the room with the cross on it to do so but it won't help. Come down and tell Mia and she'll say Helen only listens to the church. You'll ask when Helen goes to church and Mia will say weekends in the morning so wait until the next weekend so you can meet her at church.

Description:Mia is your sister (you can change your relation to her if you want). You are 18 years old and you're living together with your full family as you're going to finish high school in few days. You have to pass your last schoolwork and your parents are going on a quick journey to France. Sounds good for studying only if you sister wouldn't come home drunk.More: Renpy BugsPreviously published games were : Living with Mia Act 1 Living with Mia Act 2 Living with Mia Act 3 made with RPG MakerVersion: Updated: 2023-03-15, Posted: 2022-04-21. Request for an Update!

Taking place two years after the events of the first game, our now more matured main character finds himself reunited with his estranged sister, Mia, when he accepts an invitation from his aunt to spend his Summer break from college with them.

With their sordid past hanging over them, and unresolved feelings still lingering, how will he navigate his newly complicated dynamic with Mia and those around him. Will he strive to remain faithful and true to his new girlfriend? Will he reignite his sexual relationship with Mia? Or will he completely give himself over to temptation, and fall back into his debaucherous old ways?

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Story: You are an 18 year old guy living with a hot girl (Mia). The story starts 2 days before the summer break. One day you start looking at Mia in a different light (You want to fuck her) . Will you succeed? What will happen? Play and find out!

You the protagonist, are an 18 year old that is about to finish highschool. You live with your mother, father and a hot sister (Mia).The game starts 2 days before the end of school. You are behind in schoolwork and need to catch up on studying to pass. Your parents are going on a trip to France for a week. You are studying late at night when your sister comes home drunk.[From Patreon]This is a Ren'Py remake/alternative take on the original RPG Maker game "My Sister Mia".

A Place in the Country, by Elizabeth Adler. Caroline Evans ditches her philandering husband and decamps with her teenage daughter to the English countryside. And then what?

Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to catch up or get ahead of coursework. Summer courses vary in length and intensity, enabling students to custom build a schedule that fits their academic needs but still allowing them to fulfill other summer commitments.

While more students every year are choosing to attend full time in the summer to graduate early, it's also a great opportunity to boost GPA with an additional class or two to retain a scholarship or to avoid academic probation. There are hundreds of summer courses available, many online, so it's possible to be enrolled full time and still travel or go home for the summer. 041b061a72


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