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Purandara Dasa Keerthana Pdf Download ^NEW^

Now, that I have procured three volumes of Haridasa songs by AraLumallige Parthasarathi sir and H.R.SatyanarayaNa, in addition to my other collections, I can help you in posting most of the songs in South Indian languages, Devanagari and English also. I may require one day for response..

Purandara Dasa Keerthana Pdf Download


Dedicating my 100th downloadpost to Smt.M.S.Amma who showed us an example as to how a musician should live, should be humble and how to sing with bhava taking the listener to feel GOD along with her. I often feel that I am a small child clinging onto her hand and she is the divine mother who shows me the various forms of GOD through her divine singing.

Namaste Madam, Can you please send me the sanskrit translator for the following songs (Sri.Desikans) Salutation of yajurveda and rahasyam ( sri.Ranagadasa) Vrinda and Shodashi (sri.Sri Desika ) Kapali and Madan (sri.Sri Desika ) Gada and kuta (sri.Sri Desika ) Hara Hara Sivane (sri.Sri Desika ) Bhajana (sri.Sri Desika ) Dhruvibhedana (sri.Sri Desika ) Arupa (sri.Sri Desika ) Chitra gadyam ( sri.Sri Desika ) This is just a start but will keep on learning music as well as translation till I get a better idea.

I want to learn your ragas Madam, can you please guide me. I have already downloaded your excellent website.I have downloaded the song 'Raghavendra yathi Saarva Bourma' (Sri Jagannatha Dasaru) which has no translation or lyrics available on the internet. Hope you can help me in this regard. I have asked for the translation of the song for some of my friends and relatives. They have told me that they don't know the lyrics. Can you please help me out in this case.


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