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[S9E5] Baby, You Knock Me Out NEW!

In a ceremony honoring Lois, held by Mayor Adam West, she is called out by Deirdre Jackson, an undefeated champion fighter who was said to have killed three women in the ring, and she challenges Lois to a match. After insulting and humiliating Peter at the statue dedication (milking his man-breasts like cow udders), Jackson eventually convinces Lois to compete and come out of retirement. In a pre-fight interview with Tom Tucker, Jackson announces her intention to kill her opponent in Round 6, which only causes Lois to become even more angered. As the match begins, Lois becomes an easy target for Jackson in the first round. Feeling she stands no chance, Lois is convinced to continue fighting, making it to the sixth round. Badly beaten, Lois continues to be beaten by Jackson, who suddenly hits her with a big left hook, causing her to become nearly unconscious. Quickly recovering, Lois then begins unleashing her pent-up rage, and eventually and finally knocks her opponent unconscious herself. The next day, Lois begins her recovery as a champion, and she is surrounded by her family at the breakfast table. Peter is also excited, as he triumphantly announces that he now able to eat his cereal with his own breast milk, saved from his encounter with Jackson.

[S9E5] Baby, You Knock Me Out




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