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Christian Turner
Christian Turner

Transformers Prime Episode 5

Knock Out is researching Ratchet's incomplete Synthetic Energon formula, and is using C.Y.L.A.S., still implanted within Breakdown's corpse, as a test subject. The formula makes C.Y.L.A.S. extremely aggressive, so Starscream suggests injecting him with Dark Energon to make him easier to control. However, the mixture of the two Energons turns C.Y.L.A.S. into a mindless vampire craving fresh Energon, and he wanders the ship infecting any crew member he encounters by draining their Energon. During the chaos, Soundwave banishes Airachnid and the Insecticons from the Nemesis, and the episode ends with the infected Airachnid feasting on the Insecticons to survive.

Transformers Prime Episode 5

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