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[S1E1] Murder Means Never Having To Say You're ... ((FULL))

"Love means never having to say you're sorry" is a catchphrase based on a line from the Erich Segal novel Love Story and was popularized by its 1970 film adaptation starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal. The line is spoken twice in the film: once in the middle of the film, by Jennifer Cavalleri (MacGraw's character), when Oliver Barrett (O'Neal) apologizes to her for his anger; and as the last line of the film, by Oliver, when his father says "I'm sorry" after learning of Jennifer's death. In the script, the line is phrased slightly differently: "Love means not ever having to say you're sorry."

[S1E1] Murder Means Never Having to Say You're ...

The line proved memorable, and has been repeated in various contexts since. In 2005, it was voted #13 in the American Film Institute's list AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movie Quotes.[1][2] The band Sounds of Sunshine had a Top 40 hit in the United States with a song titled "Love Means You Never Have to Say You're Sorry" in 1971. "Love means never having to say you're..." is the opening sentence in the popular song "Can't Help but Love You" by The Whispers, from their album named after the movie, issued in 1972.

The line has also been criticized or mocked for suggesting that apologies are unnecessary in a loving relationship. Another character played by O'Neal disparages it in the 1972 screwball comedy What's Up, Doc?: in that film's final scene, Barbra Streisand's character says "Love means never having to say you're sorry." and bats her eyelashes, and O'Neal's character responds in a flat deadpan voice, "That's the dumbest thing I ever heard."

In the 34th episode of the second season of Small Wonder, entitled "You Gotta Have Heart", the little robot girl Vicki's parents explain love to her as "love means never having to say you're sorry."

In the 1st issue of DC Comics character Harley Quinn's first ongoing series by Karl Kesel, Harley exclaims "When you gonna learn, puddin'--Love is never having to say you're sorry!" to the Joker when she decides to break up with him after she has had enough of his mistreatment and abuse.

On Weeds, Nancy Botwin, after the death of her drug dealer mentor, U-Turn, explains to the tattoo artist her reason for getting a U-Turn traffic sign tattoo is that "It just reminds me that Thug means never having to say you're sorry." When asked by the tattoo artist if she doesn't mean "love", Nancy replies, "Absolutely not. Love means you're constantly apologizing."

In the episode "Stop, In the Name of Love" of Family Matters, Waldo Faldo asks Laura Winslow out, and she accepts, much to Steve Urkel's dismay. Waldo then responds to Urkel saying, "I'm sorry, Steve. I know how you feel about Laura, but it's like they say in the movie Love Story, 'Love means never having to say, I'm sorry' Steve, but I'm taking your chick!"

In Dark Shadows, Johnny Depp's character Barnabas Collins tells a group of hippies, "I am reminded of a line from Erich Segal's Love Story: 'Love means never having to say you are sorry.'" "However, please know that it is with sincere regret...that I must now kill all of you."

It never, ever recovers; it always - and then, we're so small, there's no way to hide the blight, you know? In large cities, they'll just kill off a section (laughter). Yeah, they'll never take you over there if you're visiting. But in Selma, you - everything that you need to see is where the blight is. I'm getting hot. Let's get out of the sun.

GRACE: Jim Reeb's death, it can't be separated from these other murders. Jimmie Lee Jackson, a local black activist and deacon in the Baptist Church, was killed first, shot in mid-February, 30 miles away in the town of Marion. And, it's important to say, his death is the initial catalyst for the march that would become Bloody Sunday. So Jim Reeb would never have been in Selma without Jackson's murder. In 2010, 45 years later, the white state trooper who pulled the trigger admitted to shooting Jackson. He spent only five months in jail.

Zack is cleared of the puppeteer serial killings, but is still being held because of the killing of the lobbyist years prior. Booth doesn't think he did it, though, and concurs with Zack that the evidence should be reexamined. We can only hope that this means that Zack is back for the season, with a nice tidy resolution to that murder to come!

With the ammunition Frank has against Annalise, you can bet your bottom dollar that he won't be going anywhere soon. Now that he knows there was a chance Annalise was having him murdered, he's going to make her pay for it.

It must be noted (as AC-12 later discovered) that these armed robbers had incredibly short criminal records before deciding to rob the bookie's, and certainly were not hardened criminals. DC Chloe Bishop (Shalom Brune-Franklin) quipped: "Between them, these guys have never robbed anything bigger than their local Gregg's." And as DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) responded: "They just happened to be on the exact route and time of an op to bring in a suspect in an unsolved murder."

Before his (probable) murder, Davidson was trying desperately to track him down, pump him for info, and "convey him to a place of safety". The handler couldn't ethically pass on his information, so that never happened.

It was Sheriff Denise Williams. Denise gasp with surprise saying how much she was happy to see Michael and even Blaine. Blaine wen't back to his College friends and Michael and Denise we're talking on the lunch table for a good 10 minutes. Michael was telling Denise about the latest and what was going on with his life so far. Michael also adds that he has a new girlfriend now name Vera. Denise was happy for him. Suddnely the bell rang, it was time for class. Vera and Michael was walking to class together. The both of them was in the hallway in there lockers. Vera asked Michael "Are you okay? You know that lady?" Michael said "Yeah, I knew her from when I was surviving Massacre that happened in my High School. I don't know if you heard but I heard of this guy named Dwight Riley they mainly call him Dewey was a former sheriff of Woodsboro and moved out with his wife and so did this girl name Sidney." Vera said with alittle excitement "I heard about her, my father reads the newspaper and told me about her. I feel so sorry for her but she was a fighter though." Michael replied "Yeah, at least I know I'm not the only one that is going to murder and death and have a tragic life." Vera replied "Babe look at it this way, well one I know your mother was mudered like Sidney which I know that's hard as hell to get over and two at least Sidney's life isn't as deep as yours." Michael said within a whirry smile like he smile acting like as if Vera is right but there was one secret that Michael never reveal to anybody and not even his mother Magrot and not even his sister Leslie Jones know what happened because he like such as other male children feel the same when when this happens to them.

(Flashback) : Before Magrot was murdered Michael was 9 years old and there was one day where Michael had the day off from School. Magrot trusted her boyfriend Jay Willaimson (David Alan Grier) and Michael actually like Jay and took Jay as his father figure right before when really really didn't know who he really was until what he did and on top of that and muder his mother which really made him go over the edge. So Magrot had to go to work and Michael had Spring vacation for a hole week off and this incident has been happening for the whole week because Michael was actually afraid that he might killed him. But far as that goes Jay spent the time with Michael such as playing video games, sports. Starting on Monday his first day off, Jay and Michael pwas playing video games. Jay was said to Michael "Son, can we pause the game for a second and can you do something for me upstairs?" Like a dudtiful child Michael follows him upstairs and Jay tells him to sit on the bed and he takes out a gun and hold it onto Michael's head. Michael was shaking with tears running down his eyes and stood still being scared as shit. Jay said to Michael "Son it's okay, I just want you do as I say and I won't hurt you. I'd never wanted to hurt you but as long as you do as what I say and don't tell nobody not even your mother I won't kill you if you won't tell anybody about me doing this. Okay son?" Michael remains tighten up shaking in a nervous reck and respond as he's crying hysterically "I promise Mr. Jay. I won't tell a sole." Jay said "Oh son your such a good child. Now what I want you to do is take your clothes off okay baby?" Michael takes them off in a hurry as he's cring and panacing quitely so nobody could hear him so Jay won't kill him. The screen turns to right after Michael takes his shirt off and Jay smiled and said "Oh son your such a good sport now turn around." Then Jay smiled and said "Boy you have a sweet ass just like your mommy baby." Far as that goes whenever Magort goes out when Jay is home with Michael only, Michael Burset the protagonist and final boy of this story was also molested as a child by Jay Willaimson before he murdered Magort. But far as the timeline goes one good news happened for Michael. Jay was in jail for the murder of Magrot Burset. But what apparently happen was around the time when Michael was having his graduation party with Blaine and Leslie and Blaine's parents the news and the newspaper announced that an immate knew what happen to this young lady name Magrot and the inmate basically and officially murdered Jay. That made Michael's graduation present. In fact to Michael it was his best graduation present he had.

We cut to 8 P.M and it was nightime, Michael gets a phone call. Michael picks up the phone thinking that it was Leslie. Michael said "Hi sis" Out of nowhere it was an anynonumous phone call and it was Ghostface! Ghostface replied in a saracastic response "Hi brother, haha thought I was Leslie right Michael?" Michael stoof frozen and said "I've killed you're fucking ass, No goddamn way you're still alive!" Ghostface replied "Oh yeah son, You better believe it. I'm still alive and well." Michael respond "What do you want from me?" Ghostface respond "This is your second round buddy! You know you movie reboot of Stab succeed due to the remake being more diverse than the original movies and come to find out the Stab remake made up to $3 billion Dollars in the box office." Michael replies to Ghostface being bold back to him. "Oh man that's amazing, say how about we make a sequel where I really kick your ass!" Ghostface response "Haha wow Michael I have to say you have such away with humor for a final boy. I'm starting to like this switch up of having a final boy instead." Michael respond "Fuck you, you sick bastard!" Before Michael hangs up the phone Ghostface respond to Michael and said "Why won't you go fuck yourself in the ass just like how Jay fucked you." Michael sood still and frozen. Ghostface adds, "Oh yes my dear friend. I know but this is between you and me kido. But I knew your childhood was very deep." Michael hangs up the phone and begans to cry quietly and sheds tears as he sneaks in the bedroom while Chad is sleeping heavy in bed. Smash to Black. 041b061a72


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