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Improve Your Language Skills, Phonics Awareness, and Social Values with Family and Friends 6 Testing and Evaluation Book Pdf

State governments should monitor the impact that their teacher evaluation systems are having, including on teacher quality, and the teacher turnover rate, on student achievement gains and on parental participation in their childrens education.

Family And Friends 6 Testing And Evaluation Book Pdf 63

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Finally, while students and teachers can use surveys to answer the question, "Where did the teacher learn to teach and what did he or she learn?", current survey instruments for the evaluation of teachers based on student test scores tend to be unreliable. Students and teachers may use such instruments to answer the question, "What did I learn in school?", with less reliability. This is because the two questions are clearly different. Because tests are designed primarily to assess student skills in material to be learned and memorized, they are unreliable measures of knowledge or skill that a teacher does or has mastered.

The existing information on such student outcomes is far too weak and contradictory to indicate how effectively teachers had been teaching in the past or to make predictions about how effectively they will be able to teach in the future. Students usually do not have the skills to answer questions about their instruction, and may even be unaware of what they already know. Absent direct observation of student learning, student tests are clearly useless for judging teachers or their effectiveness, whatever the subject matter. Yet, without such information, policymakers and others cannot recommend to states or districts how to improve teacher evaluation systems.

Teacher effectiveness evaluation based on student test scores can be measured, though, by changes in instruction and student achievement. Because they have no time pressure to complete test booklets or answer multiple-choice questions quickly, students can be asked about their instruction and achievement in areas outside the subject matter of their state tests. With increased funding, several states are developing plans to include a cohort of students who take NAEP. 52 NAEP has just completed a student survey, the third in three years, asking students if they learned in school what they answered. 53 However, because students are asked about general academic skills, not necessarily content areas covered on current state tests, and because the number of items in this survey is only a small fraction of those on state tests, there is an inadequate basis to judge a teacher's effectiveness by the amount of learning that takes place.


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